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What is  FlexiCat® Reader? Freeware

FlexiCat® Reader” is completely Free software, that enables anyone to read DataSheets generated and shared by FlexiCat software.

(As an additional bonus it also includes a free AutoCue program accepting any text documents)

FlexiCat® Software is an exciting new concept in Data Collection, Social networking and file sharing, allowing Collectors, Hobbyists, Students, Researchers etc., whether Professional business or Home users  to Collect, Share, Store any style of information from any source such as other computers, online Cloud sources, Internet Websites, Forums or Social Media and Networking sites. It is also excellent for networking and managing Clubs and Groups of people with similar interests.

Instead of trying to convince you how wonderfully our software is, we will simply say, it is full of great surprises, and at a low price with no hidden charges.

One example may be to record a building project with technical information including photographs, movies etc, and store them or share them with other people. You may want to record building a R/C model aircraft kit and share it with others.

In fact there in no limit to what you can do. The perfect software for Collectors to save, swap or sell their items,or even a create a catalogue library of cooking recipes. This collection of data then becomes a valuable commodity.

There are no limitations to how many databases you may create, as FlexiCat Software will allow multiple databases, switching between them instantly, and contains financial, reports and everything you may need to manage your research, hobbies or even a full blown business. It contains it’s own mail client, online cataloguing system and keeps the online systems up to date, automatically minute by minute.

An example of a FlexiCat DataSheet is included in the FREE FlexiCat Reader download…and you can install it on as many machines as you wish, AND you may also distribute it to your friends and colleagues.